Whitten Road Haulage recognise's the importance that a robust health & safety, environmental and quality culture has. It is imperative to the welfare and well-being of everyone who interacts with our service. It is our belief that in achieving various accreditation's and applying the mantra of 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' to everything that we do our aspiration to become truly industry leading in heavy transport health & safety, environmental and quality culture will be achieved.

Our policies are regularly reviewed, improved and updated to further demonstrate our commitment to our clients and team. By keeping in contact with our suppliers and manufacturers we ensure that our equipment has the latest technology for safety and emissions regulations. By being in contact with industry leaders and using external consultants we also ensure our methods of carrying out our work keep up with best practice.

Therefore we are currently in the process of acquiring various accreditations. We aspire for the accreditations to be for the 'Provision of transportation services for Abnormal indivisible load movements across all sectors of industry in Ireland, the UK and Europe'

We have already been recognised with certification for;


This page will be updated accordingly as we acquire more accreditations and certifications.

Accreditations we are aspiring towards and are in the process of setting up for are,

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management 
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management

Once we have our accreditations if you require copies of our accreditations please feel free to contact us regarding getting copies.



At Whitten Road Haulage safety is of paramount concern, whether it is for our team, clients or the general public we don't carry out our work without knowing the risks involved. Safety is critical to our businesses success therefore we continuously identify, assess and act on areas that need improvement. Areas identified are reported, investigated, scrutinized and the lessons that are learnt are distributed via safety notices and toolbox talks.



We take the health of anyone interacting with our service very seriously. We provide all necessary PPE and use exclusion zones around our work on sites in order to provide the safest possible environment. Regular toolbox talks are used to discuss the jobs we are about to undertake. At these it is encouraged for our team to offer up areas where they see oversight on managements behalf that can be discussed and considered. Any recommendations for ways we can improve on our health and safety systems are investigated and implemented.



Our industry is one of the most impactful in terms of carbon emissions therefore at Whitten Road Haulage, we apply strict environmental guidelines upon ourselves and are constantly trying to do what we can to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

We only purchase where possible Euro VI equivalent vehicles. We reuse materials as much as possible. We have our batteries, cables, filters, tyres, waste oils and any other recyclable materials that have reached the end of their lifespan recycled so as to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Our office tries where possible to do everything electronically to reduce our usage of paper, they also buy recycled ink cartridges and recycle them to get them refilled. One of our directors has also recently planted 20 acres of woodlands on his land. 



By applying our quality management systems the likelihood of unforeseen events is vastly reduced. Quality is a key element of our overall management system, customer satisfaction through considering their needs is our primary objective. Through customer feedback we aim to provide the perfect service and achieve 100% satisfaction. If customers provide us with feedback that is negative we have procedures in place to review the job and act to implement changes where necessary to improve the outcome for the next project.

We don't just aspire to just initially getting our accreditations but to maintain them by living the 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' mantra in order to continuously review and improve as a business.



We pride ourselves on our SHEQ Compliance safety standards & quality procedures. In order to achieve the high standards we set and require we undertake to provide training and continuous on the job toolbox talks. We listen to our team and customers who are out on the job when they have suggestions to hear where they think we can improve our systems. If we believe these suggestions offer an improvement on what we offer already we strive to implement their suggestions. Because we listen to them our team knows that they are trusted and demonstrate an impressive flexibility, an ability to cope with unexpected circumstances, a cooperative attitude and the utmost professionalism and dedication.

Here at, Whitten Road Haulage, we are constantly investing in our team and developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of everyone involved through our on the job training & development program as well as through external training where necessary. Thus ensuring that Whitten Road Haulage offers the best service possible.