Swept Path Analysis

The newest tool in our box. Here at Whitten Road Haulage we like to invest in anything that can help us to improve upon our quality and therefore to increase our service level for our clients.

As such we have recently started utilising swept path analysis software at our base to improve upon the presentations we make to our customers about how we aim to move their oversized structures around the pinch points we have identified from our route surveys. This software further helps us to calculate what it will take to get the job done.

This is just one other way of ensuring here at Whitten Road Haulage we offer you the best service for the movement of specialist abnormal loads.

Click here to follow the link to a demo of a way we can now utilize this software for our clients. 

Added to this we have recently started working with external partners to have street level LIDAR surveys conducted and then have them produce 3D Swept Path analysis for our more complex projects.