Route Surveys

Each new job brings its own unique challenges and at Whitten Road Haulage Ltd., from our extensive database of routes travelled and abnormal loads transported, we have assembled the expertise and experience to carry out your most demanding haulage requirements.

This database acquired over the years and regularly updated is particularly useful when it comes to planning out our routes. We have built up a vast knowledge of the accessibility of the Irish roads network as it presently stands, this is a necessity in our line of work as there is presently no designated abnormal load or high load routes in Ireland.

Our survey reports can identify all the pinch points along a route and we can conduct SPA and have bridge analysis conducted for the most challenging of logistical projects. These reports can be used to carry out enabling works along the way to the required standard to allow the loads to safely get to their destination.

From first contact, through route planning, Local Authority Permits, Garda/Police involvement, escort/pilot car requirements, loading and stabilising of load to final execution and delivery we offer a friendly, efficient and professional service.

Sometimes it will be necessary to do trial runs to ensure that the loads can move through all of the pinch points safely. If this is necessary we will conduct this as a part of our service to demonstrate to local councils, Garda/Police and to you our customer about the ability for the work to be conducted safely.

Test drives provide a detailed route analysis to show areas where route modifications are required to enable the passage of the proposed vehicle and load.

The vehicles simulate the correct dimensions of loads that will be transported for the actual movement. Any projections either in length, width or height are shown on the trailer. All flag markers are designed to be easily reduced in size if required whilst on the public roads, this greatly reduces any unnecessary impact on other road users.

Whether your route is in Ireland, or further afield, please contact us to discuss your needs regarding any specialist haulage.