Project Logistics & Management

Each new job brings its own unique challenges. Here at Whitten Road Haulage Ltd., our extensive database of routes travelled and abnormal loads transported, means that we have assembled the expertise and experience to carry out your most demanding specialist haulage requirements.

From first contact, through route planning, Local Authority Permits, Garda/Police involvement, escort/pilot car requirements, loading and stabilising of load to final execution and delivery we offer a friendly, efficient and professional service.

By specialising in abnormal load transport, Whitten Road Haulage Ltd. have positioned themselves as Ireland's best choice when seeking transport partners during various engineering, construction, machinery and boat projects.

Our comprehensive fleet of Scania and MAN Tractor Units and wide range of certified trailers allows us to offer fully compliant transport services for abnormal loads.

Our GPS Tracking System, installed in all of our vehicles, ensures that the progress of your load is constantly monitored to ensure your schedule is always achieved.

If it's oversized we can move it.