Whitten Road Haulage has an extensive fleet of specialised equipment from a variety of suppliers, including Dennison, Broshuis, Cometto, Draco, ESGE, Faymonville, Goldhofer and Nooteboom.

Trailer types include: 

  • 3 axle 32fts and 45fts,
  • 3 axle 32ft Trombones (lengths up to 16.5m extended, Capacity up to 32 Ton)
  • 3-4 axle 45ft Trombones (lengths up to 22m extended, Capacity up to 46 Ton),
  • 3-4 axle Stepframe trailers with ramps (lengths up to 22m extended in the bed, Capacity up to 70 Ton),
  • 3-5 axle Trombone Stepframe trailers (lengths up to 26m extended in the bed, Capacity up to 40 Ton),
  • 4-6 axle Heavy-duty Stepframe trailers (lengths up to 35m extended in the bed, Capacity up to 80 Ton),
  • 3-5 axle Trombone Steering trailers (lengths up to 46m extended, Capacity up to 80 Ton),
  • 2-3 axle Specialist Boat trailers (lengths up to 19m extended in the bed, Capacity up to 30 Ton),
  • 2-4 axle Vessel bed trailers (can open up to 3.09m internal width and up to 22m in the bed, Capacity up to 70 Ton),
  • 18 rows of Modular (Capacity up to 207 Ton (IRL on road (can be increased with special conditions)), 297 Ton (UK STGO on road), 414 Ton (off road), and a varying range of applications).

Our in house garage team maintains and upgrades/refurbishes our fleet of trailers constantly and we are regularly looking to innovate and invest into continued fleet overhaul and expansion into further specialist equipment to improve our service and what we can offer.