Wind Power and Renewables

With our years of experience in moving oversized structures. We can offer you the specialist service you need to see all of your renewable energy projects get from factory/port to site.

For Blade transport our extensive range of specialist trailers, offering up to 48 metres on extendible, fully power-steered trailers, Whitten Road Haulage Ltd. is well placed to transport large blades from fabrication works to site.

For other elements our selection of 5 vessel carriers, and 4 heavy step frames we are ideally equipped for the movement of oversize structures.

Along with extendible lengths up to 22 metres, the vessel carriers also offer the option of width adjustment to allow the load to ‘sit’ into the bed of the trailer and thereby travel at the lowest possible height. Our step frames can extend to 35 metres.

This provides additional flexibility in route planning as it affords bridge clearances not otherwise available.