UK - Escorts and Attendants


An attendant is required for any of the following situations:

  1. the vehicle width exceeds 3.5 metres,
  2. the rigid length (excluding the drawing vehicle) exceeds 18.75 metres,
  3. the total length of a vehicle combination exceeds 25.9 metres,
  4. projections exceed 2 metres (front) 3.05 metres (rear).

Where an attendant is needed they can travel in the vehicle according to the STGO or Special Order movement. Alternatively, they can travel in an escort vehicle, providing that they are:

  1. in radio contact with the vehicle concerned
  2. are able to see the vehicle concerned during the journey, as far as is reasonably practical


Where 3 or more loads are travelling in convoy, only the first and last vehicles need an attendant*.

*Note some Police Forces insist on 1 escort per load. Some others insist on 2 with 2 loads or alternatively 2 with 3 loads. If there was 4 loads travelling in convoy 3 escorts would be needed in these jurisdictions as a minimum. The overall route, forces area requirements and the physical route conditions will determine the quantity of escorts that are utiised to ensure the safety of the load and the public.