The EU and some Local Authorities indicate escorts based off the below criteria of Type A and Type B escorts which we work towards. However, please note that some Irish National and most Regional routes will require additional escorts above the minimum requirements due to the quality of the roads. We will assess each road based off the fact that not only the width of the road is important, but also the traffic density, the road condition and the presence/absence of a hard shoulder in order to determine the number of escorts required on a load by load basis.

Finally, note that some Local Authorities may stipulate for loads that require type B escorts that Garda escorts are mandatory for their permits to be valid in which case the second escort vehicle will be substituted for by a Garda escort.

Type A Escort: At least one escort vehicle

Type B Escort: At least: two escort vehicles, or one escort vehicle and a Garda/Police escort or equivalent (licences/certified traffic director).


Table should be used as a general recommendation. It should be kept in mind that the conditions of routes can vary from section to section. Not only the width of the road is important, but also the traffic density, the road condition and the presence/absence of a hardshoulder.

If a particular abnormal road transport falls in more than one column of the table the most stringent escort regime is applicable.

At least one escort and/or qualified traffic director are always required when the abnormal transport operation requires that the general traffic rules and signing are not complied with (e.g. speed limits, no overtaking, one way traffic, bridge crossing, offsiding junctions/roundabouts etc). In such situations, some Local  Authorities require a Garda/Police escort.

Hauliers can always use extra escort vehicles in addition to the prescribed number in the table. Generally, the 'better' escort always is good enough to replace a weaker escort model.


Note that one Local Authority uses the below parameters to determine the amount of escorts required in their jurisdiction.