Whitten Road Haulage - 25m Beams to Dungiven

 Fri, 14th May, 2021

Alan, Dan and Damien pulled in at Castlebellingham services on the way to Dungiven. Removing the lay by at Jonesborough looks like a great idea for the people in charge of the M1/N1 this along with people parking in the only abnormal loads bay on the corridor at Castlebellingham (which also isn't designed for more than 2 long loads and whose entrance like all other motorway services isnt designed to consider abnormal loads trying to access the services with small roundabouts etc) means there is nowhere other than the layby at Lusk (which is normally full at the time we are forced to travel) to safely park on the whole corridor to Belfast. Combine this issue with permit restrictions for times that we can travel and it is made to look like we the haulier are being careless. The lads do their best to be considerate and park in out of the way of others and to abide by the rules set down in the permits.