Pontoon to Yeoman Glensanda, Scotland

 Wed, 21st Feb, 2018

Driver Rhys Whitten is currently en route to Yeoman Glensanda in Scotland with a Pontoon measuring 24 metres in length and almost 4 metres in width. Having taken the ferry to Liverpool, Rhys is currently on land in the U.K and will arrive on-site with these out of gauge pontoons around midday on Thursday under official escort from Police Scotland. Rhys is driving his 3-axle Scania with one of our many 4-axle trailers. **Update** - Additional photos provided by Rhys from a snowy lay-by in Scotland. **Arrival** - Final snaps arriving in this morning. Crane is on site and the pontoon is being unloaded. Time for Rhys to start his 680 km trip home. We'll stick the kettle on for ya!